Whether your electrical emergency happens on an industrial plant, a commercial facility or even at home, they rarely occur at convenient times. For our industrial clients, we are aware and ready for an immediate response, as we understand that safety is paramount and power stability is one of the single most important factors in the overall security of an industrial facility. On the other hand, if the emergency is on a commercial facility or at home, more likely than not, it will be the hottest day of the year when the power goes out or you’ll be blow drying your hair for an important gathering when the circuit breaker fails and your house goes dark. In each of these scenarios, you cannot wait for days for an electrical technician to come to your rescue. You need immediate assistance.

Topnotch Electrical Corp. understands that electrical emergencies cannot wait for attention. That is why we provide 24-hour emergency electrical service. A technician can be reached at any hour of the day or night at (516) 790-4654. And as quickly as possible, he will come to your aid. If you have an urgent need, contact us immediately.

When to Call for Emergency / Electrical Services Warning Signs

There is sometimes confusion as to what should be classified as an electrical emergency, as well as who should be contacted to handle particular scenarios. An electrical technician is needed in each of the following situations:
  • If you smell an electrical burning odor
  • If your circuit breaker fails
  • If you hear crackling noise in switches
  • If you see any scorched areas around electrical outlets or wiring
  • If your lights flicker repeatedly
  • If you have to constantly reset your circuit breaker

These warning signs can indicate more serious electrical problems, so do not hesitate to contact Topnotch Electrical Corp. immediately.

Most whole house power outages are not classified as an electrical emergency. In fact, power companies usually handle this problem because outages are typically the result of a disturbance to local power lines. Some power outages are the result of storm damage to your overhead service lines and service mast, which is attached to your house. If you experience a power outage, first try contacting your utility provider, then give us a call, a staff member can be reached at any hour of the day or night at (516) 790-4654. Remember to keep yourself and loved ones away from downed power lines as they are extremely dangerous.

When You Call Us To Assist You With Your Electrical Emergency

When you have called Topnotch Electrical Corp. to assist you with an electrical emergency, calmly wait for our technician to arrive while keeping an eye on the situation. If you see any signs of a fire, immediately evacuate and call 911. If the emergency is at home, make sure to keep children and pets away from the dangerous area, and clear away any items or furniture that may obstruct the work area.

When you contact Topnotch Electrical Corp. for emergency electrical service, you can anticipate prompt, professional assistance. Our technicians will work diligently to remedy the situation so that you can resume normal life without fear of danger. Never hesitate to call us if you have a question or a concern. We want to help our customers in any way that we possibly can, and we care about your safety.


  • I have used Topnotch for over 10 years. I was extremely satisfied when he wired the new extension on my house, so much so that he does all the commercial work for my company now also.

    Joe PuzzoVice President - American Compressed Gases
  • My wife and I are extremely satisfied with the work performed by Topnotch. The technician arrived on time, greeted us, explained what he planned to do, asked if we had any questions, and got right down to work. He was great to deal with. We highly recommend Topnotch.

    Omar CabreraElmont, NY
  • We have used Topnotch several times for electrical projects and upgrades for our company. Every time, the electrician has done an excellent job and been courteous, prompt, and neat.

    John EllisBrooklyn, NY
  • I received an accurate estimate the same day I called, and the work was scheduled and completed less than a week later. The work was done quickly and a neat and complete work area was left behind. I would and have told friends of my positive experience.

    Linda HarrisManhattan, NY
  • Excellent service, on time and did an exceptional job. Estimate laid out everything to be done and was followed-up by the exact work that was detailed. Excellent and honest company.

    Mario PuentesBronx, NY