Useful Electric Tips



If you are not using a professional lighting designer or architect, your electrician should be able to help with a lighting and power layout for your home, and advise you with product choices.

When planning the electrical layout of your new home, there are many factors to consider (obvious, and not so obvious):

  • Consider power for appliances such as gas water heaters, central vacuum machine, security panel, garage door opener, under floor heating thermostats, or any exterior sockets for appliances such as water blasters, hedge trimmers etc?
  • Lighting layout – generous lighting levels over kitchen benches, dining table, computer desks, work benches, reading areas
  • Consider recessed directional tilt lighting for work areas, art, photos or architectural features
  • Consider outdoor security lighting, flood lighting, and landscape lighting

Think of the future

  • If you think you may add more rooms in the future, make sure your board has capacity for this.
  • If you think you may install a home theatre system, air conditioning, ventilation system at some stage, have it pre-wired, or have draw wires installed when you build your home.
  • If you plan to stay in your home while your children progress into their teenage years, consider installing a TV and internet connection in their bedroom now. It is much cheaper and easier to have these things done at the framing stage, than have to damage done to walls and ceilings trying to install new wiring later.
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